God told me to "tend the field I've been given."
Join me as I venture to be frugal and content as I walk through this life...

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Here are some pics of the first of our garden harvest:

This picture shows our first batch of potatoes. They are so yummy, because the skin is quite thin. They work fantastic in soups! And you can't beat the shelf-life of potatoes! I also pulled up a couple of onions. My husband used them to make some (awesome!) guacamole. He used a recipe from Alton Brown. On a side note, I found out Mr. Brown is a Christian man. All the more reason to vote for his team on Food Network Star! Go Team Alton! 

And here is my Coca-Cola crate filled with more potatoes, more onions, and some (very) puny garlic. :)

Right now in the garden I have flowers, pumpkins, the most adorable little watermelons, tomatoes, dill, cucumbers, and lettuce. Oh, and peppers. I've been concerned about my garden the last week or so...The heat has certainly been extreme in our area. At least we still have power, though...Say a prayer for those still without it.

Tending my field,
Dessa :)